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The # 1 provider for telehealth has a chamber benefit.

Discover Teladoc's HealthiestYou chamber benefit.

Nearly 50% of small businesses simply can't afford to provide a group health insurance benefit.

Teladoc's HealthiestYou bundle offers a $10 per employee per month solution to give all members access to a health impacting benefit, regardless of how tight their health care budget.

In this 20-minute webinar we will share the member and chamber unique value of this health benefit.


If you have been invited to participate, there is no cost to authorize your chamber to provide this benefit.

Help your members make 2020 their healthiest year!

Teladoc helps many segments of your members 

Teladoc gives your chamber a way to stand out and improve wellness for your members' teams.  All for just $10 per month, per employee.

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Although Teladoc is not health insurance, it offers members a valued benefit for companies that simply don't have the budget to provide traditional health insurance.

A great solution for members with part-time, gig, or seasonal workers. 

Companies with level-funded insurance may greatly reduce claim expenses by encouraging a virtual-first telehealth visit for less serious conditions or illnesses.


About us 


HealthiestYou by Teladoc brings simplicity to healthcare.


Teladoc provides your members with high-quality telemedicine that saves money and delights their employees and family members.


Teladoc understands how busy life gets, so we made health care that helps you get back to it.

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We offer you chamber group purchasing programs designed so your members see an ROI on their membership.  Bankable ROI.

We have leveraged the full purchasing power of over a hundred trade associations and chambers of commerce to bring a suite of benefits to help your members' bottom-line.

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Get your time back

No more waiting at the doctor’s office. No more wondering if you got the lowest-cost prescription. No more doubts about a diagnosis. From doctor’s visits over the phone to price comparison tools, we’ve got you covered.

Exclusive Benefit
Behavioral Health
Best Doctors
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Exclusive Benefits for Members

Nearly 50% of small businesses in most states don't offer group health insurance.  

Now you have a solution for these member companies that simply can't offer traditional group health benefits.


Non-members: $14/employee/month

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The chamber's health plans and enhanced benefits were developed after conducting a request for proposal from top health carriers.  Health insurance plans are state-based and enhanced benefits are national programs. The chamber program may sold by authorized chamber insurance agents.

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