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Leverage benefits to improve member retention.

With increasing member expectations, having benefits that prove an ROI of member dues is more important now that ever!


Providing a portfolio of benefit programs can improve member retention.

Working together for better member benefits

Our partnership in action

If you’re wondering what exactly our program entails, then you have come to the right place. Joining our program unlocks a full suite of member centric benefits with all the resources to promote them.

Our program drives 8-10-fold the level of participation (and non-dues) of going it alone.  Why?  We bridge the gap between what you don’t have time to do and what program vendors don’t provide.

Our program is risk free and you can even pick a single program and try it for 90 days.


Start building your program today.

We Deliver Better Results

Powerful member benefits that have quantified savings and value. More revenue for you.


We believe in helping you create deeper member relationships while also providing a documented ROI of your membership dues investment for each member that participates in one of your benefit programs.

A Collaborative Partnership that Delivers

Whether it’s driving immediate savings to potential members to help your sales team close new membership sales, provide value-add onboarding engagement to improve member retention, or helping your members with their biggest business needs, we help you connect more deeply members.

Value you can document

We have group purchasing programs designed so your members see an ROI with your membership.  Bankable ROI.

We have leveraged the full purchasing power of over a hundred associations, to bring a suite of benefits to help your members' bottom-line.

Value members will realize

Current benefit programs are lacking.  Most membership organizations simply don't have the staff band-width to invest and create a truly beneficial and tangible benefits.

With our partnership we can provide the benefit portfolio you want for your members.  One that will impact retention by communicating a documented ROI of membership.

Your members save real money that can be documented as better than publicly available pricing.  Each program is negotiated base upon a request for proposal from top solution providers and leverages the collective purchasing power tens of thousands of companies.

Get in touch with our partnership team to learn more

Helping your benefits succeed, grow and drive an ROI of membership.

We believe in building deep partnerships that become a community that works together as one.  This is why Member Benefit is committed to partnering with leading service and product providers, as well as top industry associations and chambers to offer meaningful benefits.

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These association member benefits are provided by third parties, not by Member Benefits or its affiliates. Providers pay a royalty fee for the use of its intellectual property. These fees are used for the general purposes of Member Benefits and associations that sponsor these programs. Some provider offers are subject to change and may have restrictions.
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