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Export Electronic Certificates of Origin

Switching to electronic certificates of origin (eCOs) ensures security and compliance at the highest level.  During the coronavirus crisis electronic certificates have become essential.  


Your certificates are stored online with a full audit trail and a searchable database. This service also includes a global eCO website through which banks, customs authorities, embassies, and freight forwarders can verify the authenticity of your certificates of origin.

Take control of your certificates to ensure they are stamped by an authorized entity.  Save time and money from unnecessary trips to the Maritime Association of South Carolina (MASC) and reduced courier, travel, postage, and parking fees. 


Electronic certificates of origin

You can enter the certificate information once and save as a template.  This will save hours of work and even help to reduce errors.

It's easy

Eliminate the time, courier or mailing costs you now incur every time you need a certificate of origin stamped. 


This also saves on staff time and interruptions!

It’s economical

Save yourself and your staff a trip to the MASC and enjoy the convenience of creating and submitting electronic certificates of origin from your office.

It’s convenient

Reduce risk of liability & fraud for yourself or your export customers.

Export banks, traders and customs can verify the authenticity of a certificate. 

It’s secure

Significantly reduce your document certification time to as little as an hour.

Now that's fast!

It’s fast

Simply log in and enter the certificate details. The certificate is reviewed and approved online. Then email or print the certificate.

It's turnkey

Four things to know about our pricing

Flat-rate price

Only pay for processed certificates of origin. For members, it's $25.

Transparent, consistent pricing

No set-up fee, monthly charges, or subscription fees. 

Member pricing

Members save 65% and receive our exclusive price.  Not a member? Let's talk.

No long-term commitments

There is no long-term contract or termination fee.  

Takes 3 minutes to register.

No registration fees.

No upfront charges or costs to register. Only pay when you process a certificate.  If you are new to our program, you will receive your first  electronic certificate at no cost. Then, you'll only pay $25/certificate as a member.  Non-member pricing is also available.

The preferred certificate of origin solution for 38,000 exporters and freight forwarders 

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essCert is the market-leading solution for electronic export documents, turning existing paper-based stamping and signing of trade documents into a streamlined process. You will quickly see why 38,000+ exporters and freight forwarders have modernized their export documents with essCert.


Please contact Tim Rogers at 843.805.3010 for additional information.

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