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A Teladoc Healthiest You enhanced benefit

Care when you need it. $10/month

Send a clear message that you care

Access to doctors and therapists by phone, video or app.



Member Company $10/month/employee

($16 non-members)

Member Employee - $0 co-pay

Member employees can access comprehensive, high-quality virtual care including telehealth, dermatology, behavioral health care, back care and expert medical services all in one complete HealthiestYou by Teladoc benefit.   

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Enhanced Benefit includes:

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Talk to a doctor 24/7   $0 Copay
Speak to a doctor by phone or video from anywhere. Doctors can diagnose and offer treatment including prescriptions if necessary.

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Behavioral Health  $0 Copay
Choose a therapist or psychiatrist to get a personalized treatment plan including FDA-approved medication and evidence-based therapy.

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Dermatology $0 Copay
A board-certified dermatologist will diagnose your condition and provide a treatment plan including appropriate prescriptions.

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Back Care  $0 Copay
A certified health coach will help you get neck and back pain relief and improved physical functioning with a home physical therapy program.


Nutrition by phone or video   $0 Copay
Work with a registered dietitian coach to jointly build a nutrition plan including custom meal plans and healthy eating guides.

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Expert Medical Services   $0 Copay
Have a leading specialist evaluate an existing condition or give guidance on your medical concerns (heart disease, cancer, surgery, and more).

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Company Registration

We just need some basic information to get started. As a member you are pre-approved at $10/month/employee (vs $16/mo for non-members). No credit card or payment is required today. 

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For more information about our
Chamber Perks Program, contact Dianne Pickren at or 205.391.0561

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