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What happens Next?


Teladoc will activate your HealthiestYou account. 

We are expediting new accounts so we can get this benefit to your team as soon as possible. We have a dedicated benefit coordinator assigned to your account that will contact you (or your program administrator) enroll your team members.


For registration support contact:

Mya Griffith

New Benefit Coordinator 



Please collect the following about each member you want to add to the Teladoc Healthiest You benefit: (you can also include part-time, gig, and seasonal team members).

  • Team member name

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Birthdate

  • Home address

  • Account Plan (employee only, family, employee + Spouse/Partner, or employee + children).  There is no extra charge for spouse or dependents.  If you collect each family member's name,

  • Once you receive your Company portal log in credentials you can either manually enter (recommendend for < 25 people) or upload to add members to your company account.

For assistance once you are registered contact: 

Susan Celaya

Manager, Client Success 

602.734.9733  or


Notify your team of the benefit. As soon as you register your team, please make them aware of this benefit.

Below are several template to help you notify your team:

Step-by-step guide to register

Download the app to your phone


Safe together. 


Protect yourself and your family from COVID-19

If you think you have coronavirus


Start with a virtual visit. We will advise you on what to do next. See our frequently asked questions for how we handle COVID-19 evaluations.

Visit the Centers for Disease Control for more information.


Call ahead before going in person to any doctor’s office. Now is the time we need to look out for one another and do all we can to protect from further spreading of the virus.


Don’t go to your local emergency room for COVID-19 testing. The ER is only for those who need the most critical care.


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Before your first visit, you will need to set up your account and provide a brief medical history. This will accelerate your request and help our doctors prep for your call. You can set up your account through the app or web. 

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If you have a fever or feel feverish, have cold-like symptoms or flu-like symptoms, or feel run-down, you should call Teladoc. A doctor will get to your call as soon as possible. If you are experiencing shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, then you should call your local doctor’s office to request an in-person visit. Shortness of breath–having trouble breathing–is a more severe symptom that requires an in-person evaluation.

About us 


Teladoc's HealthiestYou brings simplicity to healthcare.


Connect to board-certified doctors 24x7 for diagnosis and treatment, compare procedure prices, shop for prescriptions, find and research doctors and more. 


We understand how busy life gets, so we made care that helps you get back to it.

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We offer group purchasing programs designed so you and your company see an ROI with your membership.  Bankable ROI.

We have leveraged the full purchasing power of over a hundred trade associations and chambers of commerce to bring Teladoc's HealthiestYou to your organization. 

Health Plans and enhanced benefits were developed after conducting a request for proposal from top health carriers,  Health Insurance Plans are state-based and enhanced benefits are national programs. The benefit program may sold by authorized  insurance agents.

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