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Your member benefits are about to get a lot easier

Get an all-inclusive member benefit package from industry leaders including health care, employee benefits, business solutions, and much more.

Partner with us to power your member benefits

Provide a complete benefit package for your members

Easy to get started


Non-Dues Income


member ROI

Expect more from your benefits

You deserve better.

And don't have to go it alone.


We provide everything you need to offer a robust member savings program.

Plus you receive immediate access to marketing tools to turn your prospects into members and members into fans.

A risk-free alternative to going it alone

Get in touch with our partnership team to learn more

Value members will realize

Provides solutions to key business needs

Strong providers with deep engagement

Providers provide unique member value

Speed to add your new benefit bundle

Value you can document

Speed to add your new benefit bundle

Your members save real money that can be documented as better than publicly available pricing.  Each program is negotiated base upon a request for proposal from top solution providers and leverages the collective purchasing power tens of thousands of companies.

Getting Started

We have group purchasing programs designed so your members see an ROI with your membership.  Bankable ROI.

We have leveraged the full purchasing power of over a hundred associations, to bring a suite of benefits to help your members' bottom-line.

We have group purchasing programs designed so your members see an ROI with your membership.  Bankable ROI.

We have leveraged the full purchasing power of over a hundred associations, to bring a suite of benefits to help your members' bottom-line.

It’s difficult to create and maintain member benefits on your own. 


We make it easy.

You take care of members. We take care of you.

A Collaborative Partnership that Delivers

Boosting non-dues revenue is just the start.


We believe in helping you create deeper member relationships while also providing a documented ROI of your membership dues investment for each member that participates in one of your benefit programs.



We Deliver Better Results

Whether it’s driving a what's in it for me to help your sales team close a new membership, provide value-add touch points to improve member retention, or helping your members with their biggest business needs, we help you engage more deeply members.


A New Member ROI Tool

For many, membership numbers have dropped and revenues are down. What do you do?


Toss out your out outdated benefits and start fresh with proven benefits that work.


Work to attract and keep members by providing and system that provides an individual member level of savings that you can use to document an ROI of membership.


Current benefit programs are lacking.  Most membership organizations simply don't have the staff band-width to invest in order to create a truly beneficial and tangible benefits.



that impact retention by communicating a documented ROI of membership.

Non-dues revenue does double duty

without non-dues revenue generators, associations would probably have to charge more for membership and their programs.

Not all revenue generators are created equal.   Affinity programs have one of the highest profit margins and and highest earnings per staff man-hour.

Need revenue this year. Then look for a solution that works.

NDR programs that don’t drive value, they run the risk of alienating their members through over-monetization. By embracing programs that do both, everyone wins: The association generates money to fund its mission-related objectives, and members see more value from their affiliation with the association.

More than ever, there's increased competition for your constituents’ attention in the marketplace. Your members are constantly asking, ""What's in it for me?"" The answer: Members of your organization are in it forEVER. In this activity, Dan Ratner will focus on the four key member needs and desires in organizations of any size: a quality positive Experience, ever-increasing Value, intentional Engagement, and consistent Relevance. They all must fit together to form a dynamic framework that will keep your organization meeting and exceeding your members' expectations for a lifetime. 


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