Replace dated

paper certificates

Electronic Certificates

of Origin

Save on unnecessary trips to the chamber and reduce courier, travel, postage, and parking fees.

Switching to electronic certificates of origin (eCO) ensures security and compliance at the highest level.  Your certificates are stored online with a full audit trail and a searchable database. Our program also includes a global eCO website through which banks, customs authorities, embassies, and freight forwarders can verify the authenticity of your certificates of origin.

Take control of your certificates to ensure they are stamped by the only USA authorized entity, your chamber. Chamber member rates offer a savings up to $75 per certificate compared to the standard cost charged by freight forwarders. In addition to saving time and money on each certificate, you’ll have the peace of mind that your certificate is authentic!

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No registration fees.

Your export member benefits because:

It's easy

It’s economical

It’s convenient

It’s secure

It’s fast

It's turnkey

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