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Export Benefit 

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We are excited that you are joining the over 33,000 exporters and freight forwarders that have made the move to electronic certificates of origin.

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If you need support with the essCert software, please contact the essCert team at 201.972.6382.

Top exporters and freight forwarders trust essCert for their certificates

essCert is the market leading solution for electronic export documents and turn your existing paper-based process for stamping and signing of trade documents into a streamlined solution.  


You will quickly see why 33,000 small and large exporters and freight forwards have tossed out their outdated paper-based processes and gain the peace of mind that your certificates are authentic. 

Please contact  Sara E. Barnett at

(312) 494 6700  or sbarnett@chicagolandchamber.org 
for additional information.

Shipping Benefit

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Member savings in the United States:

- 45% on express air

- 25% on ground shipping 

Member savings internationally:

- 50% on Export

- 40% on Import

- 25% US to Canada

Freight savings (over 150 pound pkgs)

- starting at 75%

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