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Access to doctors and therapists by phone, video or app.
Member Company $10/month/employee
($16 non-members)

Member Employee - $0 co-pay

Member employees can access comprehensive, high-quality virtual care including telehealth, dermatology, behavioral health care, back care and expert medical services all in one complete HealthiestYou by Teladoc benefit.   

Exclusive Benefits for Chamber Members

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Talk to a doctor 24/7   $0 Copay

Speak to a licensed doctor by phone or video 24/7 from anywhere

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Behavioral Health  $0 Copay

For feeling stressed, overwhelmed, down or not like yourself


Nutrition by phone or video   $0 Copay

Talk to a registered dietitian for diet planning or managing a health condition like diabetes.

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Back Care  $0 Copay

Relieve your back pain through guided videos with a certified health coach

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Dermatology $0 Copay

Upload photos of your condition to the app and get a treatment plan from a dermatologist within two business days

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Expert Medical Services   $0 Copay

Get a second opinion on an existing diagnosis and treatment for more serious conditions

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Company Registration

We just need some basic information to get started. As a member you are pre-approved at $10/month/employee (vs $16/mo for non-members). No credit card or payment is required today. 


Virtual Care for the people you CARE most about

Teladoc gives your company a way to stand out and improve wellness for your team. All for just $10 per month, per team member.

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Although Teladoc is not health insurance, it offers a valued benefit for companies that simply don't have the budget to provide traditional health insurance.


A great added benefit if you offer a high-deductible health plan so employess can see a doctor for

$0 co-pay.

Keep your part-time or seasonal workers happy and healthy even if they are ineligible for group health insurance.

Companies with level-funded insurance may greatly reduce claim expenses by encouraging a virtual-first telehealth visit for less serious conditions or illnesses.

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Benefit includes $0 co-pay for your people and no contract committment for you. Pay only for those that register including full-time, part-time, and freelance teams.

To learn more

Cathy Sapp
Senior Director, Broker Sales 
Teladoc Health, Inc.

Justin Lee
Sr. Vice President of Membership & Corporate Partnerships Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce

Health Plans and enhanced benefits were developed after conducting a request for proposal from top health carriers.  Health Insurance Plans are state-based and enhanced benefits are national programs. The benefit program may be sold by authorized  insurance agents.

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We offer group purchasing programs designed so you and your company receive an ROI with your membership. Bankable ROI.

We have leveraged the full purchasing power of over a hundred trade associations and chambers of commerce to bring Teladoc's HealthiestYou to your organization. 

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