Time to change how you process

certificates of origin?

Your export members have already moved to digital processing of their exporting documents.

Is your chamber keeping them stuck in the past by stamping certificates by hand?



Earn up to $15 in non-dues for each and every member's electronic certificate of origin.

*based upon charging the recommended price of  $25 per certificate

Requiring your export members to go to the chamber or send a courier service every time they need a certificate of origin is inconvenient and costly.

Switching to a digital program provided by your chamber will save on unnecessary expenses, and allow them to receive the electronic certificate of origin at their desk.

Your staff also saves time while increasing compliance and eliminating the need to keep paper copies of every certificate for seven years .

It's easy for the chamber to register and begin providing your export members .. paperless certificates!

We Deliver Better Results

We have partnered with essCert, the largest digital certificate of origin provider in the United States.  We bring you an export member benefit that has quantified savings and value. Plus, more revenue for you.


We believe in helping you create deeper member relationships while also providing a documented ROI of your membership dues investment for each member that participates in one of your benefit programs.

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Your export member benefits because:

It's easy

It’s economical

It’s convenient

It’s secure

It’s fast

It's turnkey