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The National AOPD Chamber Program

A local business supply benefit for your members

Buy Local

AOPD is a national network of ‘locally-owned’ independent business supply dealers. 


Our national chamber contract with AOPD is a proven benefit that will save your members up to $400 per employee/year on business supplies they are already purchasing. 


This program provides chambers across the country with member-only business supply pricing and benefits.  Plus a benefit that has long been missing - a local team that lives in your community and can meet personally with members.

Show a return on membership

Sample savings:

for member with 10 employees

Office Supplies






Total Spend


Saving 18% will provide this member a $4,788 savings

* based on actual member purchases






Typical per employee expense for the top 5 business supplies

This benefit offers so much more than just office supplies. Members will save on cleaning and breakroom supplies, office furniture, technology, and of course office supplies


more than office supplies

Your members receive

Member-only national contract pricing

  • This includes a full list of 1,700 “Best Buy” items with “member-only” national contract pricing.

  • Free shipping.  Member always receive free shipping without a mimimum purchase.

One person for what they need

  • Members will have a local dedicated account rep that will handle all aspects of their business needs and can meet face-to-face with them.  



Spending per year


per year

5 employees

10 employees

25 employees

50 employees

100 employees











* based upon actual member spending.  Individual member savings may vary due to the supplies they purchase.

Ready to take the next step?

Learn why the National AOPD Chamber Program is one of the fastest growing member benefits.  

Your chamber receives

This program provides your chamber and your member businesses regardless of size with national contract pricing they couldn't negotiate independently plus the many advantages of a local office supply partner that will attend events and become a true chamber partner.


Your chamber will earn non-dues income that's paid from dollar one of sales. No threshold to meet before becoming eligible to receive the non-dues income from this program.


For example, if one of your members with 20 employees (spending $8,000 per year on business supplies) purchases on this chamber program, your chamber will generate nearly $300 in non-dues income.   Now just imagine the non-dues generated if 25, 50 or more members participate.   We offer contract pricing, with deeper discounts on products your members use most. 
Our goal is to help you succeed, both with your members and your bottom line. 


You'll be in good company

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